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A Nonprofit That Emphasizes Family and Faith

Happy Teenagers

Fulfillment in Community Service

Finding a fulfilling career can start by helping others. Giving others inspiration can boost your own confidence to succeed and become an example to others that need hope. Your donations and volunteerism goes to help our cause in mentoring youth, finding homes for needy families, and interfaith counseling.

Youth Mentorship That Holds Each Participant Accountable

Everyone deserves a second chance. Our organization works to ensure justice-involved youth can turn their life around through youth mentorship. Our program called Credible Messenger is funded through the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. Adult citizens who've been involved with the justice system and ex-offenders are paired with juvenile delinquents to ensure their positive re-engagement into the community. The adult ex-convicts make sure the child stays out of trouble, goes to school and work, reunites them with family, or finds a family to embrace them. Through this program, the adult takes responsibility for another life and has a chance to influence the community in a positive manner.

Homes for a New Start

Make new friends by helping others find their place in the world. InnerCity Collaborative Community Development Corporation connects families to housing assistance programs in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We work as a resource and referral program for homeless families in the District to find places for rent. Our organization is hoping to open our own haven in the future; we are still in the planning stages. Eventually we will operate a temporary facility for people to gather their lives together. For now, we navigate, find resources, and assist with down payments and even assist in providing furniture. We look for low-cost and market value furniture to furnish places for families that are getting back on their feet.

Comforting Counsel

Helping others get back on track includes helping them heal from hidden wounds. Our counseling services helps people in a positive way when there has been some dysfunction in family relations or dynamics. We utilize spiritual counseling and an interfaith approach to provide you with someone to talk to with issues, especially regarding mental health. We can even help those of the Islamic faith and connect you with one of our Muslim brothers. If you prefer a more secular form of counseling, we can refer you to professional counselor, as we have a child psychologist and adult psychologist who we work with. You can rely on our volunteers and paid staff since they are trained in mental health and first aid.